Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Holiday Gift Guide 2022

The Gem Mine has something special for everyone - in every price range. No matter what age and personality, you're sure to find the perfect gift. We created this gift guide to make the holidays just a little bit easier for you!

Handmade Jewelry


Stephen Estelle

Designer Stephen Estelle has worked with goldsmiths whose ancestors crafted for the Nepali royal family for two decades. If you are looking for elegant jewelry such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, The Gem Mine has a range of unique Stephen Estelle pieces that are sure to be the perfect gift.


Murano Glass

Murano glass has been made in Venice, Italy for hundreds of years and is famous throughout the world. These fine pieces of beautiful hand-blown glass include figurines, decorative pieces, and jewelry. They make the perfect festive gift!

Jade by Nikolai

Nikolai Tsang is an artist based in Hawaii who specifically works with high quality jade. Nikolai hand carves jadeite that is naturally sourced from Burma, and she uses her knowledge of ancient Chinese culture to give each piece its own meaning.


Michelle Pressler

Artist Michelle Pressler draws her inspiration from nature, classical details, and modern design, Working with high quality hand-cut stones, sterling silver, & 14kt gold filled, Michelle hand-wires the stones to create her beautiful, unique pieces.


Native American

We have a wide selection of handmade Native American bracelets, rings, earrings, and much more.. Much of this jewelry is set with gemstones such as turquoise, spiny oyster shell, & coral!

We have much more handmade unique jewelry in stock at the Gem Mine, so be sure to stop by to check out what we have in store!

Under $25                                              

Gemstone Trees  

These mini crystal trees are a perfect nightstand or desk display, and they make a perfect gift!


Gemstone Bracelets                                                                            

Beaded bracelets are a great way of keeping a stone with you to absorb its energies. We have many bracelets with a variety of stones and bead sizes!


Dig Into Rocks Sets

Our Dig Into Rocks sets come with 5 gemstones with a pouch to keep them in, and the “Dig Into Rocks” booklet. We have two variations of the set - one with tumbled stones and one with rough stones. This is perfect for anyone who wants to start their own collection & learn more about gemstones!


Worry Stones

Worry stones have been used for centuries and the concept of a worry stone came from the simple action of picking up a stone when feeling anxious, worried, etc. and rubbing it to relieve tension. We have many different variations of worry stones!


Selenite makes a great gift - it can be used to "cleanse" other stones, & it comes in a variety of shapes & sizes. For under $25 we have selenite tiles, wands, bowls, and more!         


Gifts for a hostess

Gemstone bowls

We have bowls  that are carved from many different gemstones - in all sizes & price ranges. They are perfect for holding or displaying anything you'd like.


We have candlestones of all shapes & sizes, in a variety of different gemstones!

Bottle Stoppers

These crystal bottle stoppers make a perfect gift to bring to any holiday party! We have clear quartz and amethyst stoppers in stock.


What makes a more perfect gift than coasters and a bottle stopper? We have sandstone and organite coasters! Coasters can be purchased individually or as a set. 

Self Care

Self care is super important, especially during these stressful times! Whether it's for you or someone else, we have the perfect gift! We have skincare items such as gua shuas & face rollers, and other unique items like crystal toolkits.


The Gem Mine has a few different kind of gemstone gift sets! Whether you're looking for rough or tumbled stones, crystal toolkit or advent calendar, we have the perfect gift!


Can't decide?

No problem! We do offer gift certificates as well!

Gift certificates are always a good idea! We offer physical gift certificates for any dollar amount.

Come by and browse!

Stop by the store and browse our large collection and range of unique items such as handmade & vintage jewelry, decorative boxes, glasswork, & beautiful mineral specimens. 

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